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Map of the Tithing of Shrivenham in 1844

Map of the Tithing of Shrivenham in 1844

There are two maps here, both measuring 110 cms in length by 75 cms width and they appear to be copies of the original. The title on them is, Tithing of Shrivenham 1844. The scale is 1 inch = 6 Chains. (22yards = 1 Chain. 10 Chains make 1 Furlong. 6 Furlongs = 1 Mile). The original map compliments the Apportionment that was produced with it and shows by numbers, who owned and occupied the properties. The fields or closes are also numbered and can be identified by cross referencing with the Apportionment. These maps  are on thin paper and one in particualar has now faded quite considerably. They should both  be handled with care. 

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