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The Cowhouse, adjacent Cowleaze Farm, Shrivenham

The Cowhouse
Adjacent Cowleaze Farm
That this Cowhouse was part of Cowleaze Farm is undeniable as its rear wall forms part of Cowleaze farmhouse garden. It was unfortunately separated from the farm in the 1960s and the very interesting 18th century Cowhouse contained within it, was set on a course of destruction. 
In order to at least record the existence of the Cowhouse, we have included it in this Shrivenham Heritage Website. 
It is understood that the Cowhouse was at one time ‘L’ shaped and the north end of it has since been demolished. The photographs attached to this listing show this and the last image confirms how it was. In an inventory made by the Beckett Estate in 1796, the description states that it has, ‘A Cowhouse for tying up 14 cows with calves, stalls behind.’ It is strongly suspected that this Cowhouse is the one mentioned in that inventory. This would confirm that it must have been built prior to 1796.
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For more information on Cowleaze Farm please see Listing No N994
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