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Impression of Little Mill Farm and Mill by Alec Chambers
View of Tuckmill Cottage from the west side
View of Tuckmill Cottage from the east side
Front cover of Victor Paget's booklet
Water colour sketch of Tuckmill Cottage circa 1960s by artist unknown
View of Tuckmill Cottage viewed from the east by artist unknown
Sketch of Tuckmill Cottage viewed from the west by artist unknown
The approach from Watchfield village to the cottage and mill. Photo by Neil B. Maw
The site of Tuckmill Farm as of 2016. Photo by Neil B. Maw
The sluice gate walls now supporting a bridge in 2002. Photo by Neil B. Maw
The sluice gate that allowed the water to go to the mill wheel. Photo by Neil B. Maw

Tuckmill in Watchfield

We now know that the dwelling that was known as Tuckmill Cottage, was part of a farm owned by the Fairthorne family from at least circa 1600. The cottage was historically occupied by the Miller who operated the Mill that lay close to the brook. Further detailed information can be found by going to the links at the bottom of this listing.

Having lived in Tuckmill Cottage, Victor Paget explored some of its history and carried out some minor excavations. He then wrote up a potted history shortly before his death. This A5 Booklet, written in 1983, can be read at the Centre or downloaded. A word of caution though. The historical information in Victor's booklet is not accurate but his own excavations make for interesting reading.

For further detailed information on Thomas Fairthorne please go to N942 in this catalogue

To read a scan of one of the original documents please click HERE

For further information on Tuckmill and other Watchfield Mills click HERE

The lovely water-colour painting may be viewed at the Centre in C1.SHR.3.0.3

Further information has been discovered (2016) which confirms that there was an entire farm at the location of Tuckmill.

To read a detailed account of how Little Mill Farm and Little Mill (aka Tuckmill) came into the hands of Sir Mark Stuart Pleydell in Coleshill, please go HERE

The read a detailed account of the Mill layout please go HERE

To read a detailed account on the type of Mill being used please go HERE


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