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Mediaeval Research Shrivenham - Various aspects

This listing forms part of the Dils & Schwartz Collection, which is composed of all the notes from the very detailed research carried out by those two ladies, for the publication of their book, 'Tudor and Stuart Shrivenham.' It is a remarkable collection and contains a huge amount of material, much of it translated from the original latin in which it was written.

This particular file contains the following:

List of Christenings and Baptisms from the 18th century. Gives dates and names of child and parents.

List of Baptisms from 1640 thro to the early 18th century. Very detailed.

A compilation of documents mainly concerning Henry Marten and family, and some on John Wildman.

List of Burials at Shrivenham from 1653 - 1691 and from 1721 - 1775

Longcott Marriages in the mid 18th century and some Longcott Baptisms.

Longcott and Fernham Burials from 1721 - 1780.

Marriages during the Civil War period (1642 - 1660)

Marriages at Shrivenham and Longcott from 1720 - 1760.



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