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Smith's Charity Charter
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Shrivenham Charity Charters & Benefactions

One of the Charters combines the Viscount Barrington Charity and the Marten's Almshouse Charity, and is dated 8 Feb, 1889. It's self explanatory and lists the property and land involved on the last page.

Another charter is dated 14 Oct, 1898 and concerns the Charity of Richard Smith of Watchfield. There is another document with this which explains more of the charity and how it came about. 

The other document is headed 'Benefactions' and explains in some detail of the several donations made of property and land for the benefit of the poor people of Shrivenham and Watchfield.

Both the items immediately above mention John Dixon of Watchfield



  • Year:
    19th century
  • Place:
    Shrivenham & Watchfield
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