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John Shute Barrington - the first Viscount 1678 - 1734. Picture courtesy of Antony Alderson
Front of the postcard - View of Salisbury Cathedral painted by Antony Alderson
The message on the postcard subsequent of the presentation
Beckett House circa 1910. Note the Orangery is still there but disappeared around 1915

Beckett and the Barringtons

Presentation & Slide Show - Tues 19th April, 2016. The Barringtons.

As far as we know, this was the first time that a Presentation had been given in Shrivenham or district on the local family that was called The Barringtons. This is quite surprising given that the Barringtons owned much of the land and property in the neighbourhood for two centuries.

Shrivenham Heritage Society members, Neil Maw and Vivien Moss had been collating information on the family for a considerable time beforehand, including making contact with a direct descendant of the Barringtons in the person of Anthony Alderson. Anthony kindly allowed access to some of the family paintings, photographs and documents that were in his possession, that proved to be very informative. Anthony and his wife, Juliet were invited to the Presentation and we attach to this listing a card of thanks received from them.

Numerous visits were also made to the British Library in London to search the documents contained within the Barrington Collection. This has formed the basis for the publication listed below.

To see a copy of the presentation script in PDF format please go HERE

To view a copy of the publication, Beckett & The Barringtons, please go HERE


Becket and The Barringtons



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