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Front cover of the 1922 Sale Catalogue
An article from the Swindon Advertiser newspaper dated 20-10-1922 covering the auction sale

Beckett Estate Sale of 1922

This listing is to cover the sale of Beckett Estate that had been the seat of the Barrington family since 1720. There had already been a sale previously in 1917 (See SHS N555) and there was to be a further sale in 1927 (See SHS 1059). However, the principal mansion house did not receive any bids at any of the auctions, but was eventually sold to the government war department in 1937 (See SHS N1045) and remains with military to the present day.

This Listing concerns the whole catalogue for the sale by Auction of the Beckett Estate on Monday 16th October, 1922. To read the catalogue in PDF format please go HERE

There is also a copy of the newspaper article that appeared in the Swindon Advertiser newspaper on 20th October 1922.

Please note. We do have a copy of the Estate Map of 1922 in higher resolution which can be provided upon request.


Sale 1922

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