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A overhead aerial photo of the active RAF airbase
The original entrance to the base
The location of the gate
The gate to the RAF base in 1984, before the Business Park was built. Photo by Mel A.G. Veal
The RAF gateway today. Photo by Neil B. Maw
The old gate lost in the undergrowth. Photo by Neil B. Maw
The old gate uncovered. Photo by Neil B. Maw
Gate clear and the new plaque fixed to the post
Quite a crowd turned up for the brief history reading
Neil Maw talking to the onlookers and Wing Commander Rob Hart looking towards the camera
Alec Chambers, veteran airman, unveiled the Memorial Plaque
The Memorial Plaque describing the history of the airfield
Flight Lieutenant Fred Guilmant's daughter and family attended the ceremony
Presentation Poster for 5th September 2019

RAF Watchfield Memorial Plaque

For any reader who may not be familiar with the airfield at Watchfield, used by the RAF  during the Second World War and others in subsequent years, please refer to the following references in this catalogue; N81, N591, N594 and N1168.

This listing concerns the unveiling of the Memorial Plaque on Wednesday 17th July, 2019. First there was a brief history of the airfield read out by Shrivenham Heritage Society Committee Member, Neil Maw. The military men present made the salute followed by veteran airman, Alec Chambers and other active military men who served at Watchfield, unveiled the plaque. Members of the Royal British Legion from Faringdon concluded the ceremony by performing a short and moving tribute in an act of remembrance to those that right here, "Did their Bit."

To read the brief history read out at the ceremony please go HERE




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