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The painting of Harold Knapp's 'Diary' instead of Dairy
The Knapp family tree

The Knapp family of Shrivenham

The Knapp family are large in the area of Shrivenham and district. There are several listings within this catalogue under personal histories, of several members of the family. They were particulalrly known for their building activities and many properties in the area were built by them. A painting in particular caused much amusement to local people for many years. At his farm on Horns Corner, Shrivenham, Harold Knapp had his Dairy, but the painting of the building bore the name spelt 'Diary.' Harold (Rimble) Knapp, always claimed that it was deliberate and kept as a source of amusement.

The second item is a copy of the Knapp family tree


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    Circa 1970s
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    Wall display
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    Wall display painting



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