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Newspaper article
Document explaining the plan of action
An Invitation to the official opening - this one to Steph Muir
Starting the morning walk along the by-pass
Ready for the afternoon pram race along the new By-Pass
Walkers. Marilyn Jeans, Pam & Alex Hale
Nearing the end of the walk and the By-Pass at Bourton Wharf
Half way along the route of the By-Pass
The view looking towards Shrivenham from the new By-Pass
The Certificate of Victory - The Opening

The Shrivenham By-Pass debate & victory

After years of campaigning and general debate, it was finally agreed by central government  that Shrivenham should have a By-Pass. If you can imagine all the traffic that uses the by-pass today, passing directly through Shrivenham High Street, it would be horrifying - but that is exactly what used to happen pre 1984.

This is a file made up of newspaper cuttings and other documents that show how the villagers of Shrivenham gathered their evidence in the 1970's for a By-Pass. It also has photos of the people involved at the time and a certificate after the By-Pass was opened in 1984.

There are also some photos of local people, donated by Lindsey Skelt, who were able to walk the length of the new road just before it was opened for traffic.


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