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Advert for an Almsperson 15/8/1984

New Almshouses at Shrivenham

To mark the occasion of the Millenium, the trustees of the Shrivenham United Charities, decided to build two new Alms bungalows as an addition to those already there. Former trustee, Vivien Moss, made a photographic record, along with some notes, in order to preserve the event for future reference. Her photos are on this listing and the notes are below.

Photo 1. Work in progress 1999 - 2000

Photo 2.  The view from the Highworth Road

Photo 3.  Joining the 1955 bungalows

Photo 4.  Completed

Photo 5.  Blessing by the Bishop of Oxford prior to occupation

Photo 6.  Trustees & two friends of, at The Blessing. Left to Right:

Two Friends; Dr Donald Peach, (Treasurer); Mrs Janet Wade; Mrs Vivien Moss, (Secretary); Mr Vic Day, (Vice Chairman); Mr Tony Bradfield; Mrs Margery Paling; Canon Richard Hanciock, (Chairman); The Bishop of Oxford.

Photo 7.  Mrs Plummer & Miss Anger. July 2001

Photo 8.  What a lovely place to sit & chat. Joan Hilton, Phyliss Anger & Joe Dixon

Photo 9.  Sometimes all the six residents would sit in the sun. Two seats here. Gladys Tubbs family donated a new seat in her memory. It lasted 48 hours before it disappeared. The family generously gave a replacement which we cemented in.

Photo 10.  The bungalow on the left was purpose built for a resident in a wheel chair. It was a great success for Mrs Plummer, who spent the rest of her life there. Sadly, the next resident, in her 80s was a smoker and accidentally set the bungalow alight. Fortunately, she survived but the devestation was awful. (2007).

Photo 11.  One double bedroomed bungalow, Kitchen, Sitting Room, Wide Hall, Bathroom with walk-in Shower. The Kitchen has a pantry and cupboards. Double glazed and insulated.

Also in this listing is a local newspaper article on how the Trustees of the Almshouses allocate tenancies. It's quite an in-depth article and features Vivien Moss. There is also a smaller article that covered the Blessing of two new Almshouses built in Martens Road.


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