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The late, much missed, Mervyn Penny - local inhabitant extraordinaire ...
Margaret Rose Penny, wife of Mervyn
Margaret with her dog
A Celebration of Merv's life
Park Cottages, Shrivenham, in the snow - a photograph by Mervyn Penny
The Prince of Wales public house, Shrivenham, in the snow - a photograph by Mervyn Penny
Beckett House in the distance in the snow - a photograph by Mervyn Penny

Mervyn & Margaret Penny

The reader may notice that the Item number of this listing is N1. This is no coincidence. On the contrary it is quite deliberate. Quite simply, item numbers N1 and N2, tributes to Mervyn Penny and Tony Jones, are exactly where they should be to reflect the effort they both gave in making the Shrivenham Heritage Society Centre a reality. The SHS Centre is now firmly established at the Memorial Hall.

To read the Tribute to Merv Penny please go HERE

To read the service for Margaret please go HERE

Many may remember Margaret, especially the ladies, as a Hairdresser and she operated her own salon called Margaret Hairdresser in Watchfield High Street for many years.

Also in this listing we have included three photographs that were taken by Merv. He was a keen and skilfull photographer and shot many photos around the district, but these three are particulalrly nice of Shrivenham in the Snow.

We have also included in this listing a letter written by Merv to Tony Jones on the matter of getting a safe place to store the Historical Society documents or archive, 10 years before the Heritage Centre was created.

To read the letter in PDF format please go HERE



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