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Ashbury Cross Trees Green. Photo by Neil B. Maw
Kingston Winslow Green. Photo by Neil B. Maw
Letter concerning Ashbury Green
Letter concerning Kingston Winslow Green

Ashbury & Kingston Winslow's Village Greens

The Village Green has traditionally been a part of village life since the feudal system came in after the Norman conquest. There was seldom any question as to the ownership of it, for it either belonged to the Crown or the Lord of the Manor. But more recently, the motor car has created issues of crossing and parking on land that is designated as a 'Village Green' and therefore clarification was needed. This listing is comprised of correspondence between Ashbury Parish Council and the Commons Commissioners, who clearly determined that both Greens belonged to the council.

This issue was brought up again 30 years later concerning Kingston Green which you can read by going to N1207 in this catalogue



  • Year:
    1967 - 1972
  • Place:
    Ashbury & Kingston
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