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Shrivenham Station circa 1910, about 20 years after the accident. Photo courtesy of Paul Williams

Fatal accident at Shrivenham Station in 1889

Devizes & Wiltshire Gazette
7 March, 1889
Shocking Fatal Accident at Shrivenham
A local dealer killed on the railway
A shocking fatal accident occurred to Mr Thomas Farmer, a dealer, of Wroughton, son of Mr James Farmer, farmer and dealer, of Wroughton, at the Shrivenham Railway Station on Tuesday night. It appears that during the day Mr Farmer had been to Faringdon market, and afterwards went on to Wantage. In the evening he joined a down-train at Wantage Road, which arrived at Shrivenham about a quarter past nine o’clock. At Shrivenham Station Mr Farmer got out of the train, under the impression that he had then arrived at Swindon, to which place he was journeying. When he discovered his mistake he attempted to get into the train again, but the train was in motion, and he slipped down between the foot-board and the carriages. The station-master sprang forward to drag him back, but was thrown over by a stick which the deceased was carrying, and Mr Farmer fell on the metals, the tail end of the train passing over his body. The station-master went to the spot, and found him unconscious and so near death that the end came almost immediately. The body was removed to the Victoria Hotel, close to the station, and Mr Nixon, surgeon, of Shrivenham, sent for. That gentleman speedily arrived, and made an examination of the body, which was found to be much crushed. Several ribs were fractured, and internal organs injured to such an extent that death must have been almost instantaneous.
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