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Swindon Heritage Magazine Spring 2013

Quarterly Magazine featuring local History. In this Edition reviewed by Vivien Moss:-

1. Edith New. Swindon's forgotten suffragette herione, was a teacher who became a militant activist to promote the cause of votes for women. She joined Mrs Pankhurst's Women Social and Political Party in 1907. Her exploits for which she was imprisoned included hurling stones through the windows of 10 Downing Street and on another occasion chaining herself to the railings there.

2. William Hooper, a key figure in recording life in Swindon in the arly 20th century. He turned his attention to photography following an accident at the Great Western Railway when he had to have his leg amputated. An enthusiast he quickly developed his reputation. Along with landscape scenes around Swindon and the outlying villages he became well known for his portraits of children.

3. Wiltshire prepares for the nuclear winter. A possible attack by the Soviet Union led to plans masterminded from a bunker in Corsham and a control room at the Police Station in Swindon.

4. Edith Mitchell, sculptress and potter buys a house in Swindon because of the fireplace.

5. Echoes from the workhouse. Alfred Williams describes the home of the poorest and most unfortunate in the Swindon and Highworth Union Workhouse at Stratton.

6. The Bluffers guide to Swindon and the GWR. Everything you ever wanted to know about Swindon - but were afraid to ask.

7. Barbury Castle's secrets unlocked. This Iron Age hilfort was a substantial settlement.

8. Swindon's contribution to the Great War, both a home and on the battlefield.


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