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Will of Anne Povey 1814
Agreement to sell two cottages by the Wheatley ladies
The Marks of the two ladies
Will of John Angell of Highworth
Abstract of Title
Supplemental Abstract
Deeds of Disclaimer
Lease for a Year
Conveyance of freehold piece of land at Bourton
Surrender of Copyhold
Indenture ref a piece of Garden Ground in Bourton
Indenture ref Garden Ground in Bourton
Deed of Covenant to produce deeds schedule
Sale of Garden Ground, Bourton
Extract dated 1834 from the Bourton Award in lieu of Tithes dated 1791

Various original documents concerning land in Bourton

There are five original documents in this listing as follows:

A Conveyance made 11th October 1850 between Jane Angell of Highworth, (Widow of the late John Angell, Draper), on the first part, John Tucker of West Ham Abbey in the County of Essex, of the second part, and William Morse Crowdy of Swindon on the third part. Others mentioned in this Conveyance for lands in Bourton are: Thomas Povey, late of Bourton, Yeoman; Benjamin Povey of Ashbury, Yeoman; William Puzey of Stratton St Margaret, Yeoman; Thomas Povey's daughters Ann, Jane (now Jane Angell) and Mary Povey. Also Martha Fuce.

With the above conveyance is a copy of the Will of Thomas Povey of Bourton dated 22nd July 1786

Also with the above two documents is the Will of Anne Povey of Shrivenham, Berks, dated 7th Feb 1814, who leaves all her personal possessions to her half sister Martha Fuce, wife of Richard Fuce of Shrivenham, Blacksmith. She leaves her property and lands in Bourton, Berks, to her Mother, Mary Povey, then after her death, to her sister Jane Angel, wife of John Angel of Highworth, Wilts, Draper.

Also with the above three documents an Agreement dated 9th Sept 1845, between Mary Wheatley of Bourton, Berks, Widow and Hannah Wheatley of Bourton, Widow, and John Tucker of West Ham, Essex, Esq. They sell to him for £10 two cottages and tenements in Bourton. Note that both ladies are unable to write and make their mark next their names. 

Another document to go with the above is the Will of John Angell of Highworth, dated 6th December 1844, (died on 12th Aug 1846) with regard to his property in Highworth and Bourton, Berks.


Abstract of Title to Freehold lands at Bourton and also to a Copyhold Mill dwelling house buildings and lands within the Manor of Hinton, the property of Charles Lawrence. There are many names mentioned in this document and the schedule at the end spans the years 1739 - 1833.


Supplemental Abstract of Title of Mr Charles Lawrence to Freehold lands in Bourton. It refers to dealings that were carried out by the Inclosures Act of 1791. Many names mentioned.


Deeds of Disclaimer, and attested copy dated 12th April 1834, of Mr Richard Riley of the devise and bequest under the Will of the late Mr William Kent. Drawn up by Richard W. Crowdy, Solicitor, Faringdon.


Lease for a Year of Whitmore Field, Bourton to Charles Lawrence under the Will of the late Mr William Kent, dated 11th June 1834


Another bundle of three parchment documents with regard to Whitmore Filed as above dated 12th June 1834. Conveyance of a piece of land at Bourton, Berks. These documents cover the sale of the land to various people, hence so many of them However, there is much repetition.


Conveyance Charles Lawrence to John Tucker Esq, dated 27th March 1845, of Freehold Lands at Bourton, Berks and covenant to surender Copyhold held of the Manor of Hinton, Wilts. Memorandum. The Copyhold Land & Premises within covenanted to be surrendered were at a Court held at Hinton on the 28th May 1845 duly surrendered to the within named John Tucker.


An Indenture being an dated 11th July 1850, between the Right Hon Thomas james Earl of Courtown and The Rev Henry George Liddell of Easington, Durham, Clerk. It also mentions the family estates of The Right Hon William Keppel Viscount Barrington, tenant for life in possession, and John Tucker of West Ham Abbey, Essex, concerning a Garden Ground in Bourton.


An Indenture made 17th June 1834 between William Burdock of Stratton St Margaret, Wilts and Mary his wife late spinster on the first part, and John Kent of Bourton, Shrivenham, Berks, Farmer; Charles Rickards of Lechlade, Glos, Corn dealer; Richard Rickards of Watchfield, Berks, Farmer and Samuel Taylor the younger of Littleton Stassey, Warwick, Schoolmaster on the second part; and Charles Lawrence of Gloucester, Gent, on the third part. Lots of other names mentioned. It concerns the Surrender of a 1000 year lease on a piece of land at Bourton.


An Indenture made 22nd December 1846 to carry out a conveyance between Henry Tucker of Stamford Hill in Middlesex, Esq, of the one part and John Tucker of West Ham Abbey, Essex, Esq on the other part. Sells a plot of Garden Ground in Bourton known as Arbours for £5.


Copy of an extract from the Enclosure Award of 1791 cencerning Bourton. This copy was made by R.W. Crowdy, Solicitors, of Faringdon in 1834.






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