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The centre of Bourton village. Photo by Neil B. Maw
A description of the village from the directory

Names of Bourton Residents in 1927

Transcribed from original with their spelling.

Ames, Lieut.-Col WH,  Church Farm

Arkell, AV  The Grange Farm

Austin, FEP   Carpentry Instructor

Barr, Miss ME   Assistant mistress

Baxter, J   Gardener and Sexton

Beasant, G  Railway Porter

Bedford Pim, Lieut.-Col EH    Bourton End

Butler Sir CK,   Bourton House

Clinch, Mrs S   Fruit and General Stores

Coates, E   Gardener, Bourton End

Cozens, Miss EA

Davis, WJ   Chauffeur

Dixon, G   Farmer

Dixon, J   Blacksmith and Wheelwright

Dixon, W   Carpenter

Ellis, G   Chauffeur

Evans, T    Groom,   Bourton End

Hawkings, Mrs M   Farmer, Manor Farm

Knapp, F   Mason

Knapp, Mrs RE   Postmistress and Shop Keeper

Knowles, Rev T  The Vicarage

Maisey, W    Coal Agent

Markham, Miss   The Manse

Minall, W  Railway Signalman

Mitchell, F   Chauffeur

Mortimer, Mrs

Peacey, R   Gardener

Phillips, J  Retired Schoolmaster

Poole, W   Gardener

Poole, Miss F   Assistant Schoolmistress

Robbins, E   Painter

Shepherd, Miss F Schoolmistress

Smith, Mrs    The Grove

Tayler, DC   Foreman

Telling, F   Farmer, Swanhill

Telling, ES   Railway Porter, Swanhill

Wilson, G   The Grange

Wilson, A   Gardener

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