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The Indenture concerning Worthy Beak page 1
The Indenture concerning Worthy Beak Page 2
The money borrowed by Amariah Fairthorne Page 1
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Page 4 with all the signatures
The draft for the loan Indenture

The Indentures of Amariah Fairthorne 1880

This listing is to cover the contents of five documents that were purchased from Ebay in April 2021. One explains how William Fairthorne owned Church House, Shrivenham and when he died a man called Worthy Beak who was his surviving Executor, sold the property and five cottages to Amariah Fairthorne. In order to pay for the purchase Amariah borrowed money and the other two documents concern that loan. Two more documents deal with the property being re-conveyed back to Amariah Fairthorne after repayment of the loan, and the long years of leases, being converted to fee simple by a change in the property law. To read a precis of the documents in PDF format please go HERE


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