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The sleeve of the disc and Walter Brown's name appended
Addressed to Lt Walter Brown of Chicago, USA
Front cover of the music score
The Music Score
Both verses of the song
One of the buildings used by the SAU, Shrivenham. Photo courtesy of Jack Hill, California, USA

The Acetate recording discs & the Shrivenham Song

The American University at Shrivenham ran it's own radio workshop studio under the heading of the American Forces Network (AFN Shrivenham). Two acetate disks were discovered in a basement in the USA that was once owned by Lt Walter T. Brown (jnr) containing recordings of programmes that were written, acted and produced by American University students at Shrivenham duriing the few months that it operated. A Capt John Dudley rescued the discs and sent them to what was the Royal Military College of Science Library. The discs were recently transferred to Shrivenham Heritage Society who sent them to a specialist company in order to recover what had been recorded on them.
Side 1 of Disc 1 is a comedy sitcom with Freddie and Micky on the day of their discharge from the Army. To listen please go HERE
Side 2 of Disc 1 features the Boys High School in Swindon playing their Recorders. To hear this medley of tunes please go HERE
Side 1 of Disc 2 is the comedy sitcom continues where Freddie is going to get married. To listen to this recording please go HERE
Side 2 of Disc 2 is the further continuation of the comedy sitcom with Freddie, Charley, Pat and Dotty. To listen please go HERE
The Shrivenham Song was written during World War II in 1945 for the American University that was stationed at the Military College grounds at Shrivenham. The university was set up on 1st August 1945 and closed at the end of the same year. The Lyrics of the song were written by John B. Moore and the Music by Burnet Tuthill. The music score has been included in this listing and the first verse, with lyric sub-titles, may be heard and seen by going HERE.

For more information on the American University please go to Listing No N1005


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