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Front cover of the magazine for Autumn 2013

Swindon Heritage Magazine Autumn 2013

Cover picture 1st World war tank face mask, William blake and 1st World war tanks, Battle of Cambra, Roman Remains on Groundwell Ridge, Swindon Mela, Swindon Community TV, Lydiar connection to new Prince George, Mark  Child's Swindon Book, Farms of Swindon,Railway village Tour, James Kibblewhite of Purton Athlete, History of Swindon Athletic Club, Holocaust History of rod Bluh, Last farmer in Catsbrain farm Stratton, Eastcott Community association, Arts centrefrom opening 1956 to 2010, History of Harold Joliffe, Tunnel House Hunt Street, Albert beaney Photographs of soap boxes, Immigrant story David Bradshaw, History of Fleet Street Baptist Tabernacle, Richard Jeffries Old House Coate,. Science museum Wroughton, Swindon Water supply,Ted Browning collector, Ashdown House, Kingsdown school,Coleshill underground Bunkers, R J Blackmore stories of Brick terraces, Charlotte Wilsdon a Nurse in Crimean War, 

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