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The location of the Murder and Execution known locally as, 'Watkins Corner,' Courtesy of National Library of Scotland online maps
A wider view of the location. Photo courtesy of National Library of Scotland online maps

Murder at Purton Stoke

Although the location of this could be deemed to be out of our normal district, we feel that it should be included because of the unusual nature of the events. The man called Robert Watkins was found guilty of what was a cold blooded murder and robbery. But then the sentence of death that was passed on him was ordered to be carried out as close to the murder spot as possible. Within this listing we include a transcript of the trial and a transcript of the description of the execution as reported in the newspapers. When compared to our modern way of thinking, what was normal 200 years ago makes chilling reading.

To read the full transcript of the Trial please go HERE

To read the description of the Execution please go HERE


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