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Dennis Stratton as a young seaman
Dennis Stratton in his latter years - legs a bit wobbly - mind as sharp as a razor
A Eulogy printed for Dennis in the parish magazine of April 2021
Bazely Frigate Crew
Identity Card
Jubilee 1935
Certificate of service
Dennis's mother, Florence
Dennis's father, Charles Stratton, who fought and survived the notorious first world war Battle of Paschendale
Embroidery by Charlie Stratton
Embroidery by Charlie Stratton
Dennis's grandfather & grandmother

Dennis Stratton of Shrivenham

This listing consists of the recollections of Dennis Stratton a colourful character, known by all. As with all the personal histories we are fortunate to have in this catalogue, it contains a wealth of information which might otherwise have been lost. Dennis was born on 7th October 1923 in Wisteria Cottage, Shrivenham and sadly left us on 17th March 2021, aged 97. He will be much missed. To read his recollections please go HERE.

Photos of memorabilia includes identity card, picture of Bazely Frigate Crew in Chatham, photograph of him and another local, Les Judd, and a good service certificate.

There is also a photo of his Grandfather, George Stratton who lived with his wife Anne at 18 Claypits Lane, Shrivenham. George had been involved in military service during the second Anglo-Afghan War, and in 1880 was on the famous march from Kabul to Kandahar a distance of 320 miles.

Also in this listing are some photos of two embroideries by Dennis' father, Charlie Stratton, who was seriously injured in the first world war, and he made the embroideries whilst recovering in hospital.


Interviewed by Vivien Moss

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