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The Shrivenham List from National Archives Doc E179/73/7 dated 1332

List of Shrivenham Tax payers in 1332

This information comes from National Archives E179 Series. This class of records known as "King's Remembrancer, particulars of accounts and other records relating to lay and clerical taxation," or, more conveniently, by the series E179.

This Berkshire document is explicity an individual assessment for the fifteenth and tenth (the type of tithes) granted to Edward III in 1332, and is a remarkably clean and informative  example of this type of document, for one so early in the series.

There seems to be two scales of charges, one for the ordinary inhabitant and below that a list of higher status people.

Record E179/73/7



Henry de Sandon (possibly the Vicar)

Agnes de Sandon (possibly the Vicar's Wife)

Robert Rose

John le Pope

John Orym

John de Sandon

John Qakeman

John Watehale

Thomas Ashulle

John Reynold

Richard Osmond

Thomas Loft

Robert Hudd

Henry Royston

William Sat

William Jugulst

John le Oarse

John Pynel

Of higher status and higher rate:

Com de Pembrok

Ralph de Wylynton

Emma de Alt Ripa

Henry Folley

Gilbert de la Stane

Gilbert de Shotesbroke

John Wayn




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