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M & J Bean - Fruit & Veg in 1958
The receipt for the pony called 'Penny' to pull the cart
Then he went motorised M & J Bean
M & J Bean motorised delivery van in the 1960s
M & J Bean motorised delivery van in the 1960s
Hi-Tech and up-to-date for the period
John & Muriel's wedding in 1933 with the Cycling Club escort at Sy Augustine's church, Rodbourne
The Swindon Cycle Club of which John was a member for many years
A young, fit, keen cyclist on the road
An 87 years young John Bean, growing old gracefully
Newspaper obituary on the passing of John Bean
Funeral Service front cover
Funeral Service rear page

John Bean of Bourton

The late John Bean of Bourton had a great love of life and was always keen to help out his local community. Two years ago he visited the Heritage Centre at Shrivenham and shared some of his past with us. From 1957 to 1978 he ran a successful Fruit and Veg round that covered the areas of Kingsdown, Meadowcroft, Queensfield and Haydon View. What makes this interesting is that his first form of transport was a trusty horse & cart. John passed away on the 12th January 2022 and this listing is a tribute to him.


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