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Shrivenham Census for 1871

This listing is to give access to the official government census of 1871. On this official census the enumerators were asked to visit every City, Town and Village and even the smallest farm and hamlets of the UK. For the most part they were succesful in including the names of everyone living in those places. The census forms were examined by household to include the full name of every man, woman and child. However, being hand-written, some of the entries are difficult to read, so some of the names entrered here on this transcription may be incorrect. But we have attempted to give our best guess at what has been written. Where possible we have also added information that we know to be correct from other sources. 
To make best use of this listing, we suggest that you first look at the brief alphabetical listing and note the page number on which that person appeared in the original census. You can do that by going HERE.
You can then check out the individual page transcription by going HERE
If you wish to look at the original, handwritten pages, we have included a copy of them, courtesy of Shrivenham Parish Council, by going HERE
There is also in this listing a copy of a survey of the number of females employed in the various industries in selected parts of Berkshire and Oxfordshire in 1871. To read this in PDF format please go HERE
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