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A clip from a map of 1843 courtesy of Shrivenham Heritage Society
A clip from an OS 1in 1885 - 1900, courtesy of the National Library of Scotland
A clip from an OS 6in 1888 - 1913 courtesy of the National Library of Scotland
Clip from OS map 1937 - 1961 courtesy of the National Library of Scotland
The footbridge crossing as it is of 2020. Photo by Neil B. Maw
A letter from British Rail in 1965
Letter to Tom Gleave in 1972

Ashbury Railway Line Crossing

Where a road intersects a busy railway line has always caused problems for railway companies. Although the crossing is called 'Ashbury Crossing' it is in fact about two miles north of Ashbury on the road to Shrivenham. A map of 1843 shows that it was likely to have been a crossing that was crossed after looking and listening. A later map circa 1890 suggests that a bridge was there. Perhaps it was a wooden structure to carry pedestrians only. From then on it seems to be gated and then the documents that make up this listing explain the rest whereby there was an automatic barrier, followed by closure of the road and a footbridge put in place as it is today. 

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    1965 - 1972
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