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Auction of Lordships of Manors 1966
Auction of The Manor of Shrivenham Salop 1966
Auction of The Manor of Shrivenham Stalpits 1966
Auction of The Manor of Shrivenham Stalpits 1966
Auction of The Manor of Beckett 1966
Auction of The Manor of Shrivenham Cleycourt 1966

Auction of Lordship of the Manor of Shrivenham Stallpits

Catalogue for the auction of Lordships of Manors of: Ashbury, Uffington, Compton Beauchamp, Knighton, Woolstone, Shrivenham Salop, Stallpits, Beckett, Cleycourt and Baulking. The catalogue gives a history of the Manors and contains many names of previous Lords.

Also in this file is the History of Shrivenham, and in particular the Manor of Stallpits, written by Pickwick Chatham & Co. Also a Certificate of Sale of the Title of Lord of the Manor of Stallpits to Richard Austin Beare. The certificate was produced by Preuveneers & Co.

In this listing also there is a letter from Richard Beare of Florida, USA to Mervyn Penny of Shrivenham and other associated history documents.

There is also an extract from an unknown publication on the County of Berkshire and in particular the Manors of Shrivenham.

There is also a conveyance between the Barrington Estate and Mr Peter England dated 1966 concerning the transfer of the Title of the Manor of Shrivenham Stallpits.



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