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Valuation List for Shrivenham & Beckett 1868 to 1880

This book represents the assessments made on all properites within the Tithing of Shrivenham and Beckett. The law stated that each property should be evaluated as to how much it could be rented for. That valuation was then used by the Oversees of the Poor to charge a levy of a stated amount per every pound of the valuation; for example, if a property could be expected to receive £10 per year rental, a levy of 1 penny in the pound would require a payment of 10 pence towards the Poor. This book starts at 1868 and is updated in stages by a signed declaration of the Overseers of the parish to ratify a change or an additon. This book includes changes up to 1880. A new book was then made and you can see this by going to our Listing No N1056 
These valuation lists are very useful for the researcher to establish who lived where at a particular time in question. 
The original book is fragile and therefore we would not like it to be handled unless really necessary. However, we have produced a photographic record in PDF format that the researcher may read and download by going HERE


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