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The centre of Shrivenham and in particular the old Vicarage

Vicars of Shrivenham

This is a convenient list for researchers who may just need to know who was the incumbent at a given moment in history. Where we have new information, the source is described.



1250 (circa)  Sir Roger de Gloucester (Stainswyke doc No 48, Magdalen College, Oxford

1270 (circa)  Adam de Hille. (Stainswyke doc No 47, Magdalen College, Oxford

1325  Richard de Eytoune

1329  John Swayne

1329  Nicholas Akard

1350  John Hauteryne

1361  Walter Bernefeld

1361  John May

1389  David Candelan

1392  William Malle

1394  William Sollito

1418  William Hubbert

1419  John Bury

1420  John Outred

1425  John Wakefield

1425  John Corbyn

1434  John Fitz

1439  William Wardeyn

1454  John Malle

1454  Thomas Maudesley

1481 Thomas Stere

1481  John Fawle

1522  John Corbet

1564  John Webbe

1564  John Lowe

1566  George Ellys

1586  William Hilton

1589  William Yate

1597  William Pounde

1648  Hugh Pugh

1660  Thomas Bunce

1675  Benjamin Woodroffe

1676  Thomas Kingston

1683  Richard Vaughan

1697  George Marten

1697  George Stephens

1733  Caleb Colton

1764  Barfoot Colton

1804  Edward Berens

1859  George Murray

1890  Edward Hill

1932  Cuthbert Metford

1959  Reginald Durrant

1968  Julian Newman

1974  John Wade

1988  Timothy Rawdon-Mogg

2000  Richard Hancock




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