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Coleshill House before it was burned down
Secret Training at Coleshill
70 year celebration
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From Country Life magazine
From Country Life magazine
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Model of Coleshill House that is displayed in the garden

Coleshill House & Churchill's Underground Army

Within this listing are leaflets and notes on a tour of Coleshill's secret under ground cells that were used by the resistance fighters. Labelled modern day as Churchill's Underground Army, this is a story of preparation for an invasion by the Germans, covered by complete secrecy until many years after the war.

For more information on Churchill's Secret Auxilary Units please see Listing No N1094

To read a newspaper article on the 'Secret Army' please go HERE

There is also a small publication within this file that gives a short history and eventual destruction of Coleshill House.

To see a re-print of an article on Coleshill House in 1929, which contains numerous quality photographs of the interior of the house, please go HERE

In this file there is also a report of a Working Seminar that took place at Coleshill in April 1980, courtesy of the archive of the late Graham Wright. It is quite a large booklet and contains a lot of interesting information on the Radnor Estate.

To see more information in this catalogue on Coleshill Village and Model Farm, please go to Listing No N1119


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