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The inside cover of the Cash Book
A page from 1944
A page from 1945

West Mill Farm Cash Book - Watchfield

Although we have several items under the heading of West Mill, Watchfield, it may be prudent to distinguish the difference between them. Historically in England, it was generally the case that a farm and a mill at the same location would be operated seperately, even if the same person owned both. This is the case at West Mill, but moreover, it also has an interesting and historic house. Therefore, it is as well to distinguish all three features.

This listing concerns the Cash Book that came into our possession courtesy of Wootton Bassett Museum. It lists the day-to-day running of the farm by Marsh Bros and starts during the wars years at 8th November 1943. Here we see included in the cash purchases are, 'Goods for the Italians,' referring to prisoners-of-war who were working on the farm. By 1946 they were also providing goods for German prisoners as well. The book ends on 2nd September 1946. Numerous purchases are for petrol e.g. 10 Gallons (approx 40 litres) cost in the old imperial money 19/7 = just under £1.



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