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The plaque by the entrance to St Andrew's Church
The text revealed after being brushed and floured

Memorial Plaque to William Hoare

The stone plaque that is affixed to the wall by the entrance of St Andrew's Church in Shrivenham has been a feature for a long time, and it's quite likely to have been there since 1722. In December 2022, during a clean up of the graveyard, the plaque was brushed and floured to reveal an inscription. The text is in Latin and with the help of Dr Tony Crockett and his wife Diana, deciphered to reveal its meaning. The text and transcription is below, but it poses the question of just who was William Hoare to merit a memorial placed in such a prominent position ? The research continues to learn why.

Requiscure Cineres
Gulielm Hoare
Veriolium Piatre Corrept
In curio Illuminate
Qui Obit
Feb AD
Lies the Ashes of 
William Hoare
Changed to stone by Smallpox
Distinguished in his intellect
Proclaimed after death
Died February 
AD 1722






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