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Rural Fete Poster
An artist's drawing depicting a previous Fete in Beckett Park

Rural Fête in Beckett Park in 1874

A part copy of a printed poster advertisng the 19th Great Western Railway Rural Fete to be held on Weds July 29th 1874.

Precis of a newspaper article by Katrin Heneghan
Newspaper article in the Reading Observer, Saturday, 1st August 1874, about the Rural Fête in Beckett Park, Shrivenham
On 1st August 1874, the Reading Observer published an article about the Rural Fête in Shrivenham. The Fête had taken place on Wednesday, 29th July 1874 in Beckett Park which was part of Lord Barrington’s estate.
According to the article, the Fête was a great success. There were refreshments throughout the village and park for the thousands of visitors who were coming by buses and special trains just for the occasion.
Beside some stage performances, there was a quadrille band playing music for 21 dances, a cricket match, a magic post office, a bazaar and an archery competition. There was even the opportunity to get your hair cut.
The article ends with the description of the Great Western and Bristol and Exeter Railways’ Provident Society who organised the Fête in aid of their Widow and Orphan Fund.
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