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The full map in very creased condition
A closer view of the southern part of the map
A closer view of the northern part of the map
The full list for Shrivenham from the National Archives document E179/73/7 dated 1332
The lower section of the E179 List
Stainswick Manor Rent Roll 1776 - 1783 copied by Edith Jeacock from BRO doc D/EEL/M83 - Quit Rent Roll
Stainswick Farm House. Picture courtesy of Christine Hinton

Stainswick Farm - once a Manor

Within general historical records of Shrivenham and district, there are many references to the 'Manor of Stainswick.' At one time in its past it was clearly a significant and seperate estate and ranked alongside the other manors of Shrivenham such as; 'Salop, Stallpits, Rectory & Beckett.' 

An early tax list from the year 1332 sets out the names of the tax payers of Shrivenham, but then below that there is a smaller, but seperate list that contains some of the more influencial names; such as Gilbert de la Stane. Could this be the beginnings of the Manor of Stainswick? More research needs to be done.

Com de Perbrok
Rado de Wylynton
Emma de Alto Ripa
Henry Folley
Gilbert de la Stane
Gilbert de Shotesbrook
John Wayn
We know that the Manor of Stainswick came into the ownership of Magdalen College, Oxford in 1428, and within the numerous deeds that exists in the Magdalen Cartulary, there are many more clues as to the origins of Stainswick. Please see Listing number N1040 in this catalogue and the detailed study carried out by Neil B. Maw on Chapelwick. The fact that it belonged to Magdalen may also account for why there are no Manor Court records for Stainswick.

The idea of this listing is to start collecting together what documentary evidence we have for Stainswick. We can start by showing a map of the estate. Unfortunately it is in poor condition with the parchment being very dry and creased. However, most of the information on it can be identified and it appears to be genuine in date from 1780. It has been photographed, copies of which are attached.

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