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Holkham Garage 1951 - later STS
Holkham Garage 1951 - later STS
The Bungalow next door to Holkham Garage
Notes with the photos
Notes with the photos

Holkham Garage at Swan Hill, Shrivenham

These rare photographs were donated through Angela Brickell and show how the commercial premises at Swanhill, Shrivenham, were once being used as a general motor car business called Holkham Garage. We know from a late Swindon man, a former lorry driver called Brian Barnes, that there was also a Truck Stop type Cafe here as well. There are notes with the photos that include the name Pridham, which family owned much of the land in this location and West End Cottage at the junction of Station Road. (See N926) The bungalow is likely to be the one stilll standing just to the west of the commercial premises today and occupied for many years by David Pearcey who operated a car body repair business through the 1970s and 80s. The garage was later occupied by STS, (Swindon Technical Services), who worked with the former manufacturer Honda at Stratton.



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