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Pigeons from Shrivenham - why were they so special ?

The Manor of Shrivenham Salop

Whilst we know that the origins of the feudal system came with the Norman invasion of 1066, a thousand years later we are still trying to determine how the individual Manors originated and evolved. There were several manors that made up Shrivenham and Salop is one of them. 

The idea of this listing is to gather information of each of the manors and to find and trace connections. For example in Goodrich Castle there is a list of ingredients that made up a feast on Easter Sunday in the year 1297 according to Countess Joan's household expenses.

So who was Joan? William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, granted his moiety (share of the proceeds from) of Shrivenham, afterwards known as the manor of Shrifenham Salop, to Warin Monchesney in free marriage with his daughter Joan. Thier daughter Joan Monchesney married William de Valence, the half brother of the king. With her husband as Lord of the Manor of Shrivenham Salop, over at Goodrich Castle some 50 miles away, she was using pigeons from Shrivenham (see photo attached). 




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