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Shrivenham School Class of 1952

Shrivenham School Class 1952

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The teacher is thought to be Mrs Molly Malone

Top Row: Charles Louis,  Kathleen Darmody, Terry Adams,  Annabelle Smith,  Raymond Titcombe, Pat Timbrell, David Clark,  Maria Stratton,  Eric Hatheral,  ?,  Peter ?,  Ruth Henderson.

Middle Row:  Pamela Wray,   Hilary Dance,  Janey Enstone,  Joan Hackett,  Mrs Mallon,  Andrea Hayward,  Sue Pound,  Wendy?,  Hazell McGregor.

Bottom Row:  Roy Carter,  Graham ?,  Nicholas Peterson, Barry Marsh,  David Eaton,  Tony Hayward,  Ian Hare,  Dennis Bradshaw

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