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Robert Whitehead
Biography of Robert Whitehead
Family Tree of Robert Whitehead (1823-1905) of Beckett House (currently missing)
History of Robert Whitehead (1823-1905)
One side of a Postcard addressed to John Whitehead
Reverse side of Postcard dated 18 April  1904
Robert Whitehead's grave

The story of Robert Whitehead

This listing concerns the inventor Robert Whitehead, famous for his invention of the deadly weapon of war, the naval torpedo. But the reason he is of interest to the Shrivenham Heritage Society was that he lived for a time at Beckett House. It was also the sad death of his daughter that brought about the donation of a Bier to the parish. See Listing No: N1029 in this catalogue for a full explanation. You may also read a more detailed account of Robert Whitehead by Vivien Moss by going HERE.

Also in this Listing:

The Family Tree of Robert Whitehead (1823 - 1905) who lived at Beckett House.

Mentions the Von Trapp family. Refer Table 3 in pack.

Also a letter here from Nicholas Whitehead dated 12/5/2004 who lives at Badbury Wick Farm, Nr Chiseldon, Swindon



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