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The Barrington Arms from the Cross Trees circa 1910. Note the motor car outside. Photo courtesy of Paul Williams
An aerial photo by Neil B. Maw
The Barrington Arms circa 1910. Photo from the Les Judd Collection at the SHS
A typical Post Chaise carriage of the period
Coach & Four outside the Barrington Arms circa 1900. Photo from the Les Judd Collection SHS
Barrington Arms circa 1905. Courtesy of Paul Williams
The Barrington Arms circa 1905 with Landlord Thomas Phipps' name over the door. The motor car is reputed to belong to Lady Charlotte Barrington, but we have no proof of that. Photo from the Hooper Collection, courtesy of Paul Williams
The Barrington Arms circa early 21st century
The Barrngton Arms from 2002 by Neil B. Maw
Letter from John Pusey to Crowdy Solicitor saying he is taking the tenure of the Barrington Arms

Barrington Arms Hotel and Posting House, Shrivenham

The Barrington Arms is situated in the centre of the village and by it's size it has probably dominated the main street for centuries. We have various photographs from the early 20th century onwards but as yet we have no sketches or depictions of it any earlier. Shrivenham Heritage Society has carried carried out research using Barrington documents and the Newspaper Archive and have a general history, mainly of the landlords, from the early 17th century to the outbreak of World War II. You can read that information by going HERE
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