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Mediaeval Shrivenham Research

This listing forms part of the Dils and Schwartz Collection which is composed of all the notes from the very detailed research carried out by those two ladies, for the publication of their book, 'Tudor & Stuart Shrivenham.' It is a remarkable collection and contains a huge amount of material, much of it translated from the original latin in which it was written.

There are two main bundles of notes in this listing. Some of the notes are written on the clean side of already used paper, and that is a characteristic of the whole collection.

Bundle 1.

An Age Profile of the Parish in 1676. People baptised in Shrivenham and alive in 1676. 

Allocation of land and where the land is located

A List of Marriages and re-marrying widows.

Also in this file are two A5 size papers and one A4. They list cases of felony in the year 1539 and deal mostly with illegal fishing, and assault at those locations. There is mention of the locale in Shrivenham called, 'Swan's Nest,' which for time out of mind had been common water.

Bundle 2

A list of people Baptised, Married, when buried etc, from 1651 - 1675 in Shrivenham Parish.

A list of people, how long they were married, if they left a Will, how many children they had (with names), the interval between births. Very detailed.

Loose notes.

Modern local maps

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