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The whole document consisting of two large sheets and one smaller sheet
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The enclosure of Shrivenham in 1658

This document was part of the batch purchased by Shrivenham Heritage Society from Ebay in April 2021. Whereas its contents are previously known, we don't know of any other original document surviving from 1658/9. It consists of two parchments measuring 85cms X 75cms and a smaller parchment of 85cms X 38cms. Some renovation work was carried out in order to enable the document to be framed and is now on display in the Memorial Hall, Shrivenham. 

A precis was made of a copy in Oxford in 1908 and came into the hands of the clergy of Shrivenham at about the same time. We have re-printed that precis and also added the names of contemporary Shrivenham landowners and leaseholders, Bailiffs, Lawyers and Financiers.

To read a copy of this in PDF format (downloadable) please go HERE


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