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Les Judd Collection 1

We have a large number of photographs, some of which have become known as the 'Les Judd Collection.' This is Collection 1, and there is a continuation because of size, in Collection 1a. The photos contained within 1 and 1a are kept within the archive as digital slides, whereas Collection 2 is stored as prints. 

Many of these photos have been included with other items in this catalogue, so it would be wise for the researcher to hunt around the categories for further explanation of a particular photo.

They have all been given a photo number if you need to refer to them in any correspondence with us.


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We are always on the look-out for more information about Shrivenham and district. If you have old photos, know of historical facts, old documents (especially deeds) please contact us...

If you would like to view any item please email us to make an appointment, details on the Home page.