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The Reading Room or Men's Institute. Photo by Neil B. Maw
Black & White photo of the Men's Institute building circa 1980s
The location of the Foundation Stone carrying the inscription
A stone mason in 2018 prepares the wall to accept the new stone. Photo by Neil B. Maw
The new stone in place nicely mortared in. Photo by Neil B. Maw

Mens Institute and Reading Room

The building to which this listing refers is now a private, domestic dwelling. The land on which is stands once belonged to the Barrington Estate and it was the 9th Viscount, Walter Barrington, who donated it to the village in order to build what was known in 1904 as the Reading Rooms. (To see the Indenture please go HERE). This was to replace the earlier Rooms, which was located in the Churchyard and was also used as the first School House and 'Toch H'. (Confirmation of this came from a Barrington Estate map of 1866, which can be viewed on this catalogue, Item No: N215 - Section 2.) The building was also called, The Institute and sometimes the Men's Institute. Eventually it became troublesome and costly to the parish council and the decision was made in 1996 to sell it.
Sadly, the Foundation Stone which was lowered into place by Lord Barrington in 1904, was damaged and the inscription was lost. We can however, reveal here that the inscription read:
This stone was laid by Walter Bulkeley, IXth Viscount Barrington, May 19th 1904.
To read a full account of the ceremony to lay the foundation stone which brought the building into existence, please go HERE
In February 2018, Maggi Fox, the then owner of the property, (now a domestic dwelling), decided to replace the front of the Foundation Stone that had crumbled, destroying the wording of the inscription. It was a generous gesture and appreciated by many. Please see the photos.
Men's Institute
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