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West MIll Farm & Mill, next door to each other but separate business'. Photo by Neil B. Maw
The Title page of the Indenture
View from the rear showing the Mill Leet that fed the wheel. Photo by Neil B. Maw
Example of a simple Grist Mill - Courtesy of Grant's Old Mill Museum
Frank Embling circa 1930s stood on the main road outside the entrance to West Mill Farm. Photo courtesy of Paul Embling

West Mill - Watchfield - An Indenture & history

Precis transcription of the Indenture
Counterpart Indenture ref a Lease on West Mill, dated 16th April 1796
Between Lord Holland and William Stevens, Miller on the Lives of William Stevens age 39, John Stevens age 31 and William Stevens junior
Between the Right Honourable Henry Richard Lord Holland, Baron of Foxley in the county of Wilts, on the one part and William Stevens of Watchfield, Miller, on the other part. William Stevens has procured a lawful surrender to be made into the hands of the said Henry Richard Lord Hollands of all such estate and interest as was granted to Tharp Stevens deceased, father of William Stevens by lease bearing date 25th Sept 1787, and now being for the remainder of a term of 99 years on the deaths of him the said William Stevens and John Stevens his brother of and in the premises hereinafter devised as of the sum of £31.10s by William to Lord Holland, this being the receipt. All those three Water Grist Mills with the appurtenances being in Watchfield commonly called West Mills. Together with the plots of meadows lying in Sevenhampton field in Wilts and the Mill Pond and Banks adjoining and one little Stable near and belonging to the Mills with free liberty of ingress and regress to and from the same Stable on that side of the house only where it stands and also one inclosure containing about one acre parcel of Watchfield Common lately allotted to the said Mills on division of the Common there in lieu of the pasture for two cows thereon. 
To read a more detailed history of the mill and see a drawing of its general layout please go HERE
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