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1. Sandhill Farm from the front. Photo by Neil B. Maw
3. Sandhill Farm from the south
8. A particularly deep Well where running water can clearly be seen
The red brick Farmhouse built in 1741. Photo by Neil B. Maw
9. The Elizabethan style house facing the road built in 1841
13. The date plaque on Sandhill House
12. The date plaque on Shrivenham House
20. One of the older barns - formerly thatched

Sandhill Farm Shrivenham - The old Rectory Manor

Sandhill Farm - The Old Rectory Manor
Highworth Road, Shrivenham
Looking across the paddocks towards Sandhill Farm reveals an imposing Elizabethan style house. It’s very impressive and one wonders why it was chosen to be a farmhouse. The owner, Robert Gay, very kindly allowed members of the Shrivenham Heritage Society to have a closer look.
Once in the farmyard, it’s clear that there has been several phases of building and the elegant, Elizabethan style house, covers up the more farm style building behind.
The Department of the Environment, Listed Buildings in the Vale of the White Horse, suggest that the rear, red stone building is an 18th century rebuilding of an earlier house. This is probably a fair assessment, but research by SHS member Neil Maw, has since discovered more about this.
Sandhill Farm is another jewel in the parish of Shrivenham. Robert Gay has been there for over 40 years and keeps the property in good condition. We are grateful to him for allowing us to visit.
In February 2024, information was discovered within documents at the Berkshire County Archives, revealing a completely new aspect of this farm's history.
Te read a general history of the farm in Pdf format, please go HERE
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