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The clock in place at the end of the Main Hall. Photos by Neil B. Maw
The clock above the Millennium Map
The clock displaying Thomas Dike's name
A view showing the Walnut case and mount

The Clock of Thomas Dike of Shrivenham

In the early part of 2022, Mrs Colette Owens from Kent, contacted Shrivenham Heritage Society informing that she had discovered in her late mother's house, a wall clock that contained the name of T. Dike, Shrivenham. She stated that she felt that the clock should be returned to Shrivenham and kindly offered to donate it to the village. After being serviced and cleaned by a local clock restorer, it took pride of place in the Memorial Hall at Shrivenham.

Thomas Dike came to Shrivenham from Ashbury around the year 1900. He took over the commercial premises that was and still is 13 High Street. He was a skilled Carpenter and those skills enabled him to be the village Undertaker. It's likely that the clock was hung in his Undertaker's office. The shop became known as the Thatched Shop and his printed receipts show that he was a Grocer, Tobacconist and Confectioner. He was very active in village life and was a Churchwarden, Sexton, Parish Councillor and a keen Cricketer.

To read an account of how he helped save the local parish church from total destruction please see Listing No N932

To read more information on the Dike family please see Listing No: N1023

To read more information on the history of 13 High St, later known as the Thatched Shop please see Listing No: 168



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