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Aerial photo showing the triangle where the Saxon burials were excavated. Photo by Neil B. Maw
One of the skeletons being excavated in 1983. Photo by the late Mervyn Penny
Some of the students from Durham University who were excavating the site
A description of the excavations by Dr Chris Scull
A newspaper article covering the excavations - probably the Swindon Advertiser

Saxon cemetery at Watchfield

The Saxon burial site at Watchfield, uncovered when the by-pass of the A420 was constructed in 1983, was an exciting and important discovery. Emergency excavations were carried out at the time and others followed. The report called "Excavation and Survey at Watchfield" by Christopher Scull may be found online. There is also a reprint from the Archaeology Journal Vol 149 for 1992. Includes microfiches. Received 1996. The artifacts from the excavations are held at the Oxfordshire Resource Centre at Standlake, Oxfordshire.

On this Listing we have photographs from the excavations, references to the written report and a newspaper article covering the discovery and how local people joined in with the emergency excavations.

To read an article by Margaret Andrews entitled, 'The Watchfield Heathen Burials,' please go HERE

To read another article on the Saxon Cemetry excavated at Watchfield by Margaret Andrews, please go HERE







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