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The early buildings of the military college at Shrivenham. Photo from the John & Marjorie Hill Collection
Beckett House in the hands of the military in the early 1940s and still is today. Photo from the John & Marjorie Hill Collection
One of the newly built military properties when the Barrington Estate was sold to the government in 1937. Photo from the John & Marjorie Hill Collection

Beckett Estate sale to the Ministry of Defence in 1937

When looking at a collections of documents concerning a property in private ownership, what can sometimes seem to be repetitive deed material, can turn out to have a wider significance. We are grateful to David and Cecilia Peters of Shrivenham for allowing us sight of their private papers. Because their property had been part of the Barrington Estate it included a copy of the conveyance that sold the estate to the government War Department in 1937. As far as we know, this document has never been seen before in the public domain. To read a copy of it in PDF format, please go HERE

For information on the Barrington Estate Sale of 1917, see SHS N555

For information on the sale of 1922, see SHS N1512

For information on the sale of 1927, see SHS N1059


Barrington Estate Sale

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