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Location of the Mill
Extract from VCH Vol 9 p. 184-186
Photo before new Southern Connector road was put in. Photo by Neil B. Maw
Large flat stones close to the trackway leading to & from the mill
The mound indicates the vicinity of the mill building
The Southern Connector road cutting through the old leet to the Mill & the new course of the stream. Photo by Neil B. Maw
Information gleaned from the construction of the Southern Connector road in 2022
White line to signify the old course of water that fed the Mill, the red the new cut after the mill fell into disuse. Photo by Neil B. Maw
The white line is the old water course that fed the Mill, the red the new cut after it fell into disuse. Photo by Neil B. Maw

Wanborough Mill

This listing is to record the existence of a corn grist mill located in the parish of Wanborough. We have information from the Victoria County History, local history and field work from Christine Hinton. Information for this site is still being collated, so any additional data would be gladly recieved.

The Will of John New is contained in the National Archives ref number PROB 11/206/263. It is dated 1647 and he described himself as, of Wanborough. He specified that he wanted his son Thomas to have the lease of his Mill, and we are assuming here that it is the mill at the Marsh location at Wanborough. His wife Dorethea continued to own the lease after John's death in 1648, and it's very likely that it was operated by son Thomas. John New also had six daughters.

The census listing for 1851 show that Richard Stevens was a Miller at Wanborough. He was 53 years of age and married to Sarah, with son Thomas. The listing is headed, 'Wanborough Mills.' The name Stevens is a common one among millers. The census of 1861 shows the address as, 'Mill Marsh, Wanborough' and the Miller is Thomas Adams aged 60. His wife is 50 year old Elizabeth and they have four children with them.

When Liddington Wick Farm was sold by auction in 1864, we learn from the sale brochure (see N1478 in this Catalogue) that the mill was sold with it. The advertisement in the newpaper described it as, 'Complete Water Corn Mill and a rich meadow.' And we get the further information that the mill is, 'in the occupation of William Baden, in full trade and draws two pairs of stones and has extensive right of water charge on the adjacent lands.' 

The Kellys Directory for 1875 lists the Miller at Wanborough as Levi Tucker. The information contained in the extract from the Victoria County History informs that the last Miller was Herbert Reynolds in 1876. Therefore is seems logical to assume that the mill went out of use at that point.



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