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Part 1 of the advertisement for the auction
Part 2 of the advertisement for the auction
Beehive Cotts aka Park Cotts on Horne's Corner. Photo by Neil B. Maw
Beehive Cotts aka Park Cotts on Horne's Corner. Photo by Neil B. Maw

Beehive Cottages (with names of the tenants) 1944

More commonly known today as Park Cottages because they were located on the road that led to Beckett Park, the entrance to which was further down the street. The Park is now owned and occupied by the military and is inaccessible to the public. They were also known as Beehive Cottages. This listing contains a newspaper advertisement from 1944 when they were all sold.

The Location is historically known as Horne's Corner, supposedley from a time when a Blacksmith named William Horne lived and worked in that vicinity.

We list here the names of the occupiers to assist family rersearchers.

Mr R R V Day, Mr H MacGregor, Mrs A Clack, Mrs R E Wright, Mrs H Simpson, Mrs Harrison,  Mrs E Belcher, Mrs F Wheeler, Mrs L M Kenyon, Mr J M Barker.

To see a study of historical maps for this area and the likely origins of these cottages in a PDF file, please go HERE

To see more photos as Park Cotts please go to Listing N923



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